How to make Chinese roast pork

Chinese Roast Pork the easy way.   Sometimes I crave Real Chinese roast pork the kind you get from Chinatown. Even though I have like 40 Chinese restaurants that deliver around me none have the right flavor of the real roast pork. Today I was not in the mood to [...]

My Little old pot pies

I have not made a pot pie since I don’t know when... But when I was a kid there was always a Swanson’s chicken or pot pie in the freeze and I used to pop in oven for 45 minutes and bam time to eat! It was mostly gravy and [...]

I don’t like Monday’s

A quick story from true tales of of sex drugs and rock and roll. It's Saturday December 6 1980 my birthday is just around the corner on December 8 me and Maria have been going out now for almost a year. So the girls Maria and Carrie decide to [...]

Turkey wellington

My version of Turkey Wellington Thanksgiving is over so does that mean you can eat turkey till next year? I like turkey so much that I had bought 2 last week. My first turkey of 25 lbs. went in 2 days. This week I was thinking how could we make [...]

Reversed Hot Chocolate

Everyone by now is stuffed full of turkey so I will not get into what I made for thanksgiving dinner. It has been cold outside for the past couple of days and what is better on a cold day than hot chocolate! Well hot chocolate is pretty common and get [...]

Evil traditional thanksgiving No No’s.

Well some of my friends suggested I do a food blog so here it goes... I am not a trained Chef by no means but I love food with flavor! I will get more into this later and also how I am teaching my son to cook.., I am writing [...]

Vibrations and Jello effect causes and cures Project.

I have been exploring ways to make my videos smoother using my Gopro. One of the thing that plague fpv flyers is vibration and what we call the “Jello effect” which is really In the correct term it is called Rolling shutter. What is rolling shutter and what causes it? [...]