The paper quadcopter part 2 the electronic

Ok..I have not ever started and I forgot what I was going to say…just a sec.. It will come to me in a minute.. OH yea the electronics part of this tutorial… I was not sure if I should write something since I am talking in the video but I [...]

The first paper Quadcopter

The First Paper Quadcopter by Tommy Gunn I was sitting at my desk and had an urge to make something new something I had never made before I don't know if you ever got a rush of a feeling to be creative and inventive I get that feeling [...]

Check out my new FPV Transmitter I Made.

I wanted to change the firmware on the 9x then i got bored and wanted to add the frsky to make it a better radio. So i have the fatshark googles but i also wanted to add a 7 in monitor to my rig. But i wanted to use the [...]

Halloween Zombie makeup

Jesse wanted to be a zombie for Halloween so I had to figure out how to do monster makeup this is what I came up with.

Tommy Gunn on Regis Philbin

I had appeared in in a book call wild style featuring my look. So I was asked to be on the show with the author.

Let’s do this again…

You know when you on of the things I always tell my clients is backup! Backup! Backup! I was migrating all of my clients over to a new and improved server this week I would backup each site first  test the backup then move it over to the new server.. [...]

Gunn-kraft X-1 trailer By Tommy gunn

Me and my 8 year old making the X-1 After watching the the mars landing he asked me if we could make something like the "Mars curiosity" also.. I thought about it for a second ...Then  I said sure why not! even tho i did not have NASA's billion dollar [...]