Gunn-Kraft X1 project video

Today hits the 10th day mark of actually building the X1! And I have created a quick montage of what been going on the last 10 days.I have to say Jesse has kept me going with project as soon after breakfast he would say let’s go to work c’mon! And [...]

8 year old builds a UAV! Mar’s or Bust!

It all started this last summer... The video The previous post about this.. http://www.tommy-gunn.com/yes-or-no/ Me and my 8 year old son Jesse making the X-1 After watching the mars landing he asked me if we could make something like the "Mars curiosity" also... I thought about it for [...]

Hey Mr. Postman…

Well I am expecting today 5 delivery’s from 5 different stores and got 1 and even that was missing some items. With only 2 days left I have email and call these company’s and track down packages from USPS I never use the snail mail they always seem to lose [...]

Slow boat from China

Ok most of the main parts i need to built this quadcopter has arrived here in NYC at the last minute. Some propeller got to the UK where I will be staying. I got a lot of parts but the main parts have not got here yet!! I am going [...]

Never say No!…Or Yes! Mission to Mars!

Me and Jesse saw the whole story behind the NASA mars curiosity project on the discovery channel a couple of weeks ago it was amazing to see how they tested, invented and launched such a project! And it worked! And then Jesse turned to me and asked me if we [...]

-Hermit life

  I have been in hermit mode for at least 3 months. I have a web hosting company for the last 10 years or more for private corporate clients. I decided to go public a few months ago which mean to offer the same great service to smaller company's and [...]